Free Day In Video 101 Course

Welcome to your bonuses page! You’ll find information below on how to redeem your free day for tons of classes and learning.

Classes cover the following:

  • Class #1 – Getting Started Class, how to film with your phone (phone settings, filming angles, suggested accessories, tips, and tricks) corresponding handout, and demo video
  • Class #2 – Video Editing Class, how to edit your video (Apps, follow along, audience needs, format, etc)corresponding handout, and demo videos
  • Class #3 – YouTube Class, how to post to YouTube and the best  way to post to your Blog (other YouTube tips and tricks), corresponding handout, and demo videos
  • Class #4 – Social Media Class, creating a video for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, corresponding handout, and demo videos
  • Bonuses
    • Access to Private Facebook Group (while in the paid membership) – for questions, sharing, encouraging, accountability, and more.
    • Extra Bonus Videos in editing, Chas’ setup, filming technique, etc.
    • 1:1 Coaching from Chas at a discounted rate

Other Site Consulting Services we offer include:

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Ready to Register for your Bonus? 

  1. Go to
  2. Video 101 Course – $25.00 –  1 Day
  3. Fill out the rest of the information.  *Note you will need to enter a credit card and you won’t be charged until your free day is up.  Cancel any time before the day’s end to avoid being charged.  If you continue in the membership you will be charged monthly until you cancel your membership.