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I offer a 20-minute free consult with you to understand your needs before getting started.

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  • The cost is $1 per minute paid by PayPal Invoice.
  • Discounts for multipule sessions, or if you’re in another SCS program.

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Andrea (Design Morsels) A website audit is well worth the investment.  How often do you actually go through your own site and test the forms and links?  If you are like most people you don’t.  Chas checked my site and immediately gave me 5 things that weren’t working the way I thought they did.  She also gave me some great tips on my email signup form and how I might set it up in a better way to get more subscribers.  For me, this will be something I want once a year.  Websites change and things get broken.  Chas was thorough and fast.  You won’t regret it.