Virtual Amazing Creator’s Winter Blog Retreat

Amazing Creator’s Winter Blog Retreat Info

DATES (Postponed to 2025)

  • February 2025 Virtual Option $TBA
  • Must have a minimum of 6

Your Host and Instructors


Each session includes coaching, discussion, brainstorming, and independent work time. *Schedule subject to slight changes.

Februarythis is a sample schedule. Those attending will have the opportunity to give us a list of things they’d like to learn so that we can build a custom blog retreat that fits those attending’s desires.

  • 9 am Arrive, check in, goal setting, set up, and get ready to learn
  • 10 am Google Search Console
  • 11 am Google Analytics (GA4)
  • 12 pm Lunch (BYO), topic – Find Your Tribe
  • 1:30 pm Create a Mood Board and all of the uses (some you never thought of)
  • 2:30 pm Brain Dump – Going in the round, brain dump, brainstorm, ask questions, and leave this session inspired with direction, ideas, and more!
  • 3:30 pm-5 pm Independent work, build and work on future collaborations and small 30-minute group ask Chas, Kimberly, and Mona anything, bring your questions!
  • 5:00 pm Dinner on your own or join the group (BYO)

BONUSES After the retreat receive 1-week access to the Site Membership FREE

  • You’ll have access to the membership online classes for 1 week.
  • See all the benefits of the site membership here
  • Discounts on additional services for 1 month after the retreat
  • Option to join a mastermind (weekly or bi-weekly) with Bonuses
    • Free enrollment into the membership, unlocks over 100 topics and classes.

Space is limited. So what are you waiting for friend? Start growing today and contact me below.

Are you interested? Use the contact form below and let me know or reach out to Kimberly – [email protected] or chas@siteconstulting

Contact Form


Mary (Life at Bella Terra) Chas from Chas Crazy Creations is one of the most knowledgeable, genuine, helpful, and enthusiastic people I know.  She continues to help me master the intricacies of blogging techniques.  From video editing to blog creation, Chas has extensive experience, patience, and an effective teaching style.  And the most important element is that she truly cares and wants you to succeed. 

Carena (The Accidental Dream House) I met Chas at a blogger retreat. I am new to blogging. Everyone that was more seasoned at the retreat knew that Chas was an expert on all things Hometalk. It was an unwritten rule. I soon learned why; After an evening dinner, she had completely convinced me that  I needed to be posting regularly on the Hometalk platform. Chas is so warm and sincere that it was natural to trust her advice. As a new blogger, it is hard to get your name and blog out there. However, Chas explained that you WANT to feature me and my content.  She went on to lay out just how simple it is to participate in Hometalk. I am currently working on my first 3 posts thanks to Chas’s advice and encouragement. I am so grateful for her taking the time to help me understand just how valuable Hometalk can be to get noticed in the blog world.

Kristin (White Arrows Home) One of the greatest help, since I’ve started blogging, has been working with Chas of Chas’ Crazy Creations. Chas is not only knowledgeable but is an amazing teacher, patient and encouraging. She makes sure not only am I able to improve my site, but I understand how to make it better as well. I appreciate that while working with her I never feel any question (whether big or small) is a bad question. Whenever a fellow blogger comes to me for a recommendation, without hesitation I sent them to Chas.  With her mentorship, my blog pageviews have increased greatly and I have gained connections and followers on  I highly recommend Chas’ as a teacher, coach, and mentor!

Michele (Vintage Home) I just had to share how grateful I am to have had Chas (aka Chas’ Crazy Creations) walk me through using and navigating Hometalk.  I first started posting on Hometalk in April and honestly didn’t know that much about it.  I was getting a bit frustrated because I really wasn’t sure how to use it or how it worked.  I met Chas at a retreat recently and she mentioned that she had been with Hometalk for a while and offered to help me out.  She spent some time with me actually walking through it and answering all of my questions along with offering some advice.  Since that retreat, I have actually reached out via phone and she was so gracious to spend a few minutes with me again and insisted that I contact her anytime with questions.  She has been such an invaluable help to me and I am so appreciative!

Barbara (Mantel & Table) I love Chas at Chas’ Crazy Creations! She always has such creative projects and useful strategies for all kinds of things. Plus, her instructions are so easy to understand and fun to do. She makes me feel like I’m talking to an old trusted friend. I turn to Chas first when I want to know how something’s done, and I know you’ll love her too!

Cynthia (Create with Cynthia) Chas has been a wonderful resource when it comes to utilizing HomeTalk and HomeTalk TV.  As a website blogger, I was looking for ways to increase traffic to my own site.  Chas has worked with HomeTalk for many years and knows all the ins and outs of how to best utilize their system. She has lots of knowledge and a history of partnering with the folks there and was very helpful in guiding me on my own work with them.

Andrea (Design Morsels) I first heard the name Hometalk at the Haven conference when I spoke with an employee at dinner one night.  After leaving Haven I had no idea that Hometalk could be a tool that could drive traffic to my website.  I met Chas a year later and she clearly explained how much her partnership with Hometalk had transformed her blog.  Not only did she explain the benefits more clearly than the Hometalk employee, but she also walked me through exactly how to set up posts the right way.  There are no tutorials that I could find.  If it weren’t for Chas I would still be struggling to get traffic.  Hometalk really helped my blog, but Chas was the key I needed to unlock the door.  

Ahna (Hammers & Hugs) Chas was fabulous in helping me to create an account with HomeTalk.  She showed me how to create a post and explained how it would drive traffic back to my blog!  

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